450w solar panel 1
450w solar panel 2
450w solar panel 4
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450w solar panel 1
450w solar panel 2
450w solar panel 4
450w solar panel 3
450w solar panel 5

450W Half-cut Best Mono Solar Panel Pv Module for Sale


1. All solar module produces without any aberration or bubble.
2. Back sheet is TPT&PET, and the thickness is 0.3mm.
3. The thickness of EVA is 0.4mm,better than other company use 0.3mm or 0.35mm.We use new EVA material, not the overdue, the overdue EVA will influence the performance and lifespan of solar panel.
4. New aluminum with 1.00mm thickness, high hardness, good impact resistance. Some company will use bad recycle aluminum.
5. Tempered glass with 3.2mm has advantages of high strength, impact resistance,good light transmittance.
6. The solar cells made in Taiwan, high efficiency, low attenuation,the attenuation is less than 10% within 5 years and less than 15% within 10 years.
7. The junction box has good waterproof, good anti-aging,PV wire. The PV wire is good for anti-aging and anti-corrosion, it’s better than the normal wire.
8. Package by 5 layers thick carton, moisture proof and anti-cracking. Two pieces in one carton, easy to delivery.


2.Max Power(Pmax) [W]:450W
4.Solar Cells (Type/Size):MONO 182cells
5.Solar Cells Number:120

Much Solar 450 Watt Mono Solar Panels Electrical Characteristics
Max Power(Pmax) [W]450
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) [V]41.25
Short Circuit Current(lsc) [A]13.89
Max Power Vdtage(Vmp) [V]34.67
Max Power Currentflmp) [A]12.98
Module Efficiency [%]20.8
Solar Cells (Type/Size)MONO 182cells
Solar Cells Number120
Power Tolerance0-5W
Max System Voltage1000V/1500V/DC(IEC)
Max Series Fuse Rating20A
Operating Temperature-40 °C to + 85 °C
STCIrradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25°C AM1.5

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450w solar panel 4 450w solar panel 6 

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